Dr Eric Wee’s health talk in Indonesia on common signs and symptoms of digestive problems

Our Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist at Nobel Gastroenterolgy Centre, Dr Eric Wee was invited to Indonesia to deliver a talk to the public. In his lecture, he educated his audience on the signs and symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored when one has a digestive problem.

Here are the salient points.

For individuals with abdominal pain due to a stomach problem, signs and symptoms that may suggest a serious condition include:

1) Unintentional weight loss (which is not due to exercise or a change in diet)
2) Persistent pain despite medicines
3) Loss of appetite or a feeling of fullness with a small meal
4) Anemia (low red blood cell / hemoglobin count)
5) Bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract

As for individuals with bowel problems, the following signs and symptoms will require a specialist’s evaluation.

1) Positive stool occult blood test
2) Change in bowel habit
3) New onset chronic constipation (which constitutes a change in bowel habit)
4) Persistent diarrhea
5) Unintentional weight loss
6) Rectal bleeding.

The presence of any one of these signs and symptoms, suggest that a serious condition may be present. It includes early cancer, ulcers or infections that can be treated and cured.

Individuals with a problem that is persistent, but do not have these symptoms will benefit from an evaluation as well.