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Integrated Shield Plan

What is an Integrated Shield Plan?

Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is a private health insurance plan that consists of two components – MediShield Life, run by the Central Provident Fund Board, and an additional private insurance coverage component run by insurance companies which have been allowed by Ministry of Health (MOH) to sell such plans. This private insurance component covers hospitalisation and treatment fees in private hospitals or class A or B1 wards in public hospitals. Some examples of insurance companies, and their IP plans are:

Company IP Plan
Great Eastern Life
HSBC Life (formerly AXA Singapore)
NTUC Income
Singlife with Aviva

What are the benefits of an Integrated Shield Plan?

Medishield Life helps to pay for large hospital bills and selected costly outpatient treatments, such as dialysis and chemotherapy for cancer. Compared to Medishield Life, Integrated Shield Plans provides the following benefits:

  • Coverage for pre and post hospitalisation
  • Choice of private specialists doctors and hospitals
  • Higher annual claim limits
  • Coverage at private hospitals or A or B1 wards in public hospitals

The exact benefits and coverage depends on the insurance company and the plan you have purchased. MOH has a helpful page that lists out the various plans and their benefits (i.e. Comparison of Integrated Shield Plans).

Something common across all Integrated Shield Plan are deductibles (up to $3,500) and co-insurance/co-payment (10% of your medical bill). To understand these terms better, you can have a look at this MOH page.

The premiums for these IP Plans can also be paid from Medisave (subject to limits specified by MOH and CPF).

What are IP Plan riders?

The IP riders are plans that can be added to your IP to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses such as deductible and co-insurance. With IP Riders, these out-of-pocket expenses can be reduced (e.g. minimum of 5% of your medical bill – details may vary by insurer). These riders are optional add-ons to the main IP Plan, and rider premiums are paid in cash, not Medisave.

The IP rider plans would have better coverage (or lower out-of-pocket) expenses if you visit a panel specialist. There is still some coverage at non-panel specialist – details vary according to the insurance plan you have.

Some insurers have also introduced claims-based pricing on their IP Shield Rider plans (similar to a No-Claim Discount (NCD) that gives motorists a discount on premiums if they have no claims). This means that policyholders who do not make a claim will enjoy a discount off their rider premiums.

What are the types of specialists under Healthway Medical Group on Integrated Shield Plan insurance panels?

Healthway Medical offers a range of comprehensive specialist disciplines through the Nobel, SBCC Baby & Child Clinic, SBCC Women’s Clinic and Island Orthopaedics brands. We have more than 30 specialists across various disciplines on IP panels to provide patients access to continuity of care and to meet their medical needs. The disciplines range from

Our specialists, equipped with years of clinical training, advanced education, and experience in a specific area of medicine, aim to provide our patients with convenient access to specialised, comprehensive and holistic treatments.

How can I find my preferred specialist on my insurer’s panel?

Find your preferred specialist on the respective IP insurance panels:

I have a Shield Plan, and my employer also has a medical insurance plan, who do I claim from first?

In general, you can submit your claims to multiple insurers, but the total payout from the combination of policies is limited to your actual medical expenses. Due to claims-based pricing from some IP insurers, you should claim from other insurances first (e.g. employers’ group medical insurance, personal hospital income insurance, etc). This may vary significantly from individual to individual, please discuss your personal circumstances with your insurer or financial adviser.


For enquiries about IP insurance plans or medical claims, please contact the respective insurers, or your financial adviser. This article is meant for information only and should not be relied upon as financial advice. Before making any decision to buy or terminate any insurance product, you should seek advice from the insurance company or a financial adviser regarding its suitability.

For enquiries on medical care or specialists, email us at contact.centre@healthwaymedical.com