With effect from 19 May 2020, MediSave and the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) will be extended to cover prescription refills for conditions under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) that are delivered and collected on the patients’ behalf.

What chronic medications can I collect on patients’ behalf?

From 19 May 2020, MediSave use and CHAS Chronic subsidies will be extended to cover medications that are delivered or collected on the patient’s behalf, for all20 chronic conditions under the CDMP. This extension allows additional flexibility for patients to collect their prescription refills, in instances where they may not be physically able to do so.

Which government subsidies can I use to claim for these chronic medications?

The claims for these chronic medications can be made under the prevailing MediSave500, Flexi-MediSave limits and CHAS Chronic subsidies. Any delivery charge will remain non-claimable.

Is this service applicable for CHAS acute conditions?

This extension will not apply to medications for CHAS Acute conditions, given that acute conditions are more likely to require a physical examination for adequate medical assessment.

How do I apply for collection of prescription refills on patients’ behalf?

Collection of prescription refills on behalf of patients require the patients and their authorised person to complete the Letter of Authorisation (LOA) for the collection of the prescription refills on their behalf.

What do I need to present during the collection of prescription refills?

The authorised person should present the following during collection:

  • LOA
  • His/her own personal identification card /document
  •  The patient’s personal identification card / document
  • The patient’s CHAS/MG/PG card (if applicable)

Please click HERE to download the LOA.

For more information on prescription refills on patients’ behalf, please call our clinics: