Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Chilling with Change: Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer ❄️

In our fourth Prostate Cancer Awareness Month video, Dr. Tan Yung Khan, Senior Consultant Urologist at UROHEALTH MEDICAL CLINIC (a member of Healthway Medical) reveals how Cryotherapy is transforming the way we approach prostate cancer treatment.



Hello my name is Dr Tan Yung Khan. I’m a urologist at Urohealth Medical Clinic. Today I just want to talk a little bit about some new treatments in the area of prostate cancer.


Treatments for prostate cancer have not changed very much in the last few years. These are all whole gland treatments. The aim of whole gland treatment with radiation or with surgery of the prostate is really complete eradication of prostate cancer.


Unfortunately, these kind of treatments also come with some drawbacks. These are related to incontinence, where people are unable to control their urine and there may be significant leakage. It may also significantly affect erectile dysfunction and patients may have difficulties getting an erection.


Focal therapy involves the use of two new technologies, one is the ability to target where the tumor would be located and this is through the use of multi-parametric MRIs. 


Using the MRI images that we have previously obtained and also the biopsy course that were positive. Based on the previous MRI information that we have and the biopsy we are able to determine the exact location of the tumours, and this is marked out in this image, where there’s a blue circle. We can then begin to start planning where to place the needles. This technology allows us to simulate what we are treating to ensure that we maximise the destruction of the tumour while minimising damage to surrounding structures.


The second technology is related to a way to destroy the tumour. In this case, I would like to describe a technology known as cryotherapy or freezing This technology involves the use of fine needles placed in the prostate, in many ways similar to the biopsy. The needles are guided into place by the use of MRI and ultrasound fusion technology. We can ensure that needles adequately cover the tumour and minimise damage to the surrounding tissue.


This is what we use for cryotherapy of the prostate. This probe (this fine needles) is placed within the prostate. In many ways similar to what was done during the biopsy. The position is checked using MRI fusion technology, after which the device is switched on. This creates an ice ball at the tip of the needle and this ice ball causes the prostate cancer to be destroyed. The needles are frozen and thawed about two or three times, and within half an hour the treatment is completed.


Selected patients can consider cryotherapy for their treatment. With cryotherapy, and in particular, targeted cryotherapy, we are able to have excellent cancer control while at the same time minimising complications related to erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, which is often seen after conventional surgery or radiation.