Healing Hands, Happy Heart: Meet Healthway Medical GP – Dr Muhaimin

Healing Hands, Happy Hearts -

Discovering the heart of Healthway Medical GPs

At Healthway Medical, our dedicated General Practitioners (GPs) go the extra mile to not just diagnose ailments, but to truly comprehend the lifestyles and needs of the patients they serve. Our mission? To revolutionise the GP-patient dynamic. We’re not just closing the gap; we’re building bridges. By fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with our residents, our GPs aim to create a healthcare experience that’s not just about treatments, but about understanding and empowerment.

Our Healing Hands, Happy Hearts series offers you a glimpse into the person beyond being a dedicated Healthway Medical GP, their journey, perspectives and their aspirations for the people they serve.

Dr. Muhaimin is an absolute delight to chat with! In the typically tense atmosphere of a medical environment, Dr. Muhaimin’s lighthearted humor is a delightful contrast, bringing warmth and comfort to those around him. We can’t help but feel welcomed as he shares his insightful experiences from his journey as a GP at Healthway Medical. Whether it’s cracking a witty joke or sharing a funny anecdote, Dr. Muhaimin knows exactly how to lighten the mood without ever compromising professionalism. It’s no wonder why his patients leave his office feeling, not only, better physically, but they are also emotionally uplifted.

What sets Dr. Muhaimin apart is his genuine interest in her patients beyond their medical conditions. He takes the time to listen attentively to their concerns, making them feel heard and valued. He treats each patient with kindness and respect, making them feel like they’re chatting with an old friend rather than just another doctor’s appointment. Additionally, he always tried his best to provide practical tips tailored to the lifestyle of his patients.

Read our interview below to learn more about his journey, hopes and dreams for the future of healthcare.

Hello Dr Muhaimin! To start off, perhaps you can briefly introduce yourself and your journey as a GP doctor?

Hey there! Definitely! I have been a GP at Healthway Medical for over 2 years now. Becoming a GP was important to me because I wanted to connect with patients and my community on a more personal level and provide care that is more holistic. My journey as a GP has been quite interesting, especially since I started during the COVID-19 pandemic. I remember when we had to swab almost every patient and isolate suspected COVID-19 patient. Of course, things have normalised a lot now.

It was an exciting but chaotic time. However, it is great to see how our healthcare system has progressed and brought us to a period of stability today. It has also shaped my practice and helped me prioritise healthcare needs of my patients.

That is quite a learning curve! We understand that being a GP can be extremely hectic at times. How do you balance the demands of your medical career and personal life?

The clinic can be quite busy depending on the season. There are flu seasons, or outbreaks of gastroenteritis, and even travel periods where many people would come for vaccinations. During those hectic periods, I make it a point to take breaks by either engaging with enriching content on social media or just taking a short breather. These are some quick methods I use to get some rest in during a busy day.

Before I started medical school, I enjoyed video editing and game design. Now, I have found a way to combine my hobbies with my work by making medical related posts on social media – Instagram and TikTok. It’s not so much about getting followers, but I think social media is a great creative space for me to express myself. Outside of work, my time revolves almost entirely around my kid, so I don’t have as much time to spend on my hobbies as I did. Plus, I prefer to spend most of my free time with my family now and watch my child grow.

Having people you love around you is the happiest feeling. Speaking of that, are there individuals, within or outside the medical field, who have served as role models or sources of inspiration for you?

I think the best answer to this would actually be, the patients themselves. During consultations, I met people from all walks of life, and they would tell me about their interesting stories and backgrounds.

Some of them inspire me just by how active they are! And then there are some who are extremely hard working and has to travel abroad for months to do very challenging jobs. We also have foreigners who fly into Singapore for the sole reason of getting the COVID-19 vaccine from us. Some patients come to confirm their pregnancy, and then I see them again after a while, managing very well with their newborn in tow. Others may have recently experienced the loss of a close family member…or perhaps they themselves are critically ill and know they have little time left.

The experience of meeting so many people from various walks of life in a single day is quite sobering, and they all enlighten me in their own way.

Drawing from your GP experience, what are some of the gaps you have noticed when prioritising proactive health care? Could you share practical health tips or lifestyle suggestions for busy individuals?

Small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your journey to a healthier you!

Diet and exercise are often the most important factors in a healthy lifestyle. However, achieving a healthy lifestyle is definitely tougher nowadays. Our busy schedules make it difficult to hit milestones. I have had patients who work twelve hours a day, with overnight shifts, and even patients who work non-stop for weeks without an off day.

But hey, instead of stressing about finding time to exercise, let’s get creative and sneak in a workout during your daily commute or at work! Like choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift and alighting one or two stops earlier to clock in those steps. Also, when it comes to food, try reducing the portions of carbohydrates and fats in the meal while sneakily adding more of those veggies. This way, even if it is not perfect, you are now closer to the ideal diet.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for your medical career, personal life or the community you serve? Are there specific milestones that you aspire to achieve?

I hope that bringing Healthier SG on board will help provide more holistic care to our patients, not just for acute conditions but also for chronic conditions and preventive medicine. In the future, I do look forward to participating in more educational activities. My aim is to raise more awareness and understanding on the role of proactive healthcare management in preventing or delaying chronic illness to the residents I serve and the people that I meet.

That's nice! Before we end, are there any messages you have for your community that you would like to convey?

I truly believe that, by working together, we can find ways to make small yet significant changes to our lifestyles to improves our health. By starting with ourselves, we can become inspirations for our kin to start making small healthy lifestyle changes too. This way, we can slowly but surely, benefit everyone by making our home and neighbourhood a healthier place.

Dr Muhaimin is a General Practitioner at
Healthway Medical (406 Sembawang)

He treats conditions such as management of acute and chronic illnesses and continuity care, with an interest in minor procedures. He worked in MOH Holdings (MOHH) before joining Healthway Medical.