Healing Hands, Happy Heart: Meet Healthway Medical GP – Dr Peng Tao

Healing Hands, Happy Hearts -

Discovering the heart of Healthway Medical GPs

At Healthway Medical, our dedicated General Practitioners (GPs) go the extra mile to not just diagnose ailments, but to truly comprehend the lifestyles and needs of the patients they serve. Our mission? To revolutionise the GP-patient dynamic. We’re not just closing the gap; we’re building bridges. By fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with our residents, our GPs aim to create a healthcare experience that’s not just about treatments, but about understanding and empowerment.

Our Healing Hands, Happy Hearts series offers you a glimpse into the person beyond being a dedicated Healthway Medical GP, their journey, perspectives and their aspirations for the people they serve.

Within the world of healthcare, Dr Peng Tao stands out as a radiant beacon of energy and compassion fuelled by his vibrant spirit, zest for life, and unwavering dedication to healing. From the adrenaline-fueled chaos of working at the Accident & Emergency department to the intricate rhythms of being a General Practitioner at Healthway Medical, he embraced each challenge with a thirst for learning and excellence. Amidst his medical pursuits, Dr Peng Tao is an energetic extrovert who thrives on the pulse of life. His wanderlust knows no bounds, and he eagerly awaits the next adventure that beckons.

Dr Peng Tao’s true calling extends beyond personal pursuits. He is deeply committed to empowering his community to live healthier lives. As a General Practitioner, he sees each patient as a partner in a journey towards wellness. His infectious energy and unwavering dedication embody the essence of compassionate care, reminding us all that life’s greatest joys are found in the moments we share, the connections we forge, and the lives we touch.

Come along as we delve into Dr Peng Tao’s captivating journey (thus far!) —an inspiring testament to the transformative force of passion, resilience, and the sheer exuberance of embracing life to its fullest.

Hello Dr Peng Tao! Shall we kick things off with a quick introduction about yourself and what led you to pursue a career in medicine?

Nice to meet you! I am Dr Peng Tao, a new general practitioner. Although I have only recently started as a GP, I have been working in hospitals in various departments for the past four years, including the Accident and Emergency, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Orthopaedic departments.

I first sought a medical education as I was deeply inspired by the healthcare team that took care of my grandfather as he succumbed to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Witnessing their professionalism and confidence while dealing with the rapidly evolving disease, contrasted with the benevolent and giving spirit while serving those in need greatly moved me. It convinced me to pursue a medical career. These are the same attributes I seek to embody in my daily practice.

Dr Peng Tao with his grandfather and his family
Dr Peng Tao with his family at his graduation

That is definitely a commendable value to instil in our daily lives! We notice that you draw inspirations from the people around you. Tell us more about the individuals who you admire and motivate you to push on?

Throughout my medical career, I have met with countless inspiring role models and motivating seniors who spur me to my fullest potential. However, the most impactful group of people I have worked with must be the team of doctors in Singapore General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department. I learned the most during this posting. I got to hone my approach to most common presenting complaints, and the nurturing nature of the department energised me to take autonomy of my practice both in emergency and non-emergency situations. 

As a GP, every one of my patients is my best teacher, and I find myself gaining fresh new perspectives daily. My family and loved ones are a constant in my life that I will always treasure, and they motivate me to bring my best to my patients every day.

Working in the A&E Department must have been demanding. How do you find balance between work and personal time after a particularly hectic schedule?

Being a doctor in Singapore is fulfilling but can also get quite exhausting. As an avid extrovert, I maintain a large social circle and enjoy hunting down the best foods on the island with my friends to unwind after a stressful day. I’m constantly chasing the runner’s high and prioritise staying in shape by working out every other day, alternating between 10km runs by the bay, high-intensity interval trainings and Pilates sessions. 

I enjoy challenging myself by running marathons annually and aim to start regularly climbing mountains soon. As with many of my fellow Singaporeans, I’m always down with the travel bug and enjoy a long trip to fully reset myself from time to time. I have been to Japan over 15 times and have always enjoyed my trips there. 

Dr Peng Tao after completing a 42km marathon
Dr Peng Tao hitting the ski slopes during his recent vacation.

Could you provide some practical strategies for busy individuals like us who want to prioritise both mental and physical wellness?

I am a firm believer in mental and physical wellness and have noticed an increasing trend of people taking self-care for granted. I strive to not only relieve physical symptoms but also to remind all my patients to prioritise the little things that make life beautiful during my consultations. Sleep hygiene is a significant component of my advice to everyone I see. An ideal rest lasts 7-8 hours every night with minimal interruption. Avoid exposure to bright white lights from mobile devices at least 1 hour before initiating sleep and add white noise if there is further difficulty initiating sleep.


Furthermore, an active lifestyle consisting of at least 100 minutes of moderate intensity exercise is ideal – it helps with active ageing, increases energy levels, and wards off cardiovascular risks. It is difficult to initiate a regular exercise programme from a sedentary lifestyle, so I recommend starting slow with short brisk walking sessions and increasing slowly when more comfortable. It is always better to prevent life-changing diseases than to treat them when they occur, which requires conscious effort from both the physician and the patient. 

Currently, as a GP, I am passionate about linking my patients to relevant community resources and am working with nearby community health posts to bring convenient screening services to patients.

Dr Peng Tao with his friend after a workout session
Say Hello to Dr Peng Tao at his clinic

How do you envision your role evolving as you continue to grow alongside your patients and community? What dreams or aspirations do you have for the future that drive your passion for medicine and inspire you to contribute to the well-being of others?

I treasure every moment with my patients and am honoured to be able to serve my community. I want to grow alongside my patients and community as we tackle problems together, hand in hand. I believe trust between physicians and patients is fostered over time rather than overnight. I endeavour to be a constant in my patient’s lives by providing accurate and effective medical advice. 

I wish to start pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine this year and eventually incorporate wellness and sports medicine into my practice. Having a special interest in Emergency Medicine, I strive to always be up-to-date on the latest guidelines for managing emergency medical conditions so I can always give the best recommendations and never miss potentially life-threatening issues when I see my patients.

Being a General Practitioner allows me to interact with and impact the health of thousands of people of myriad backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy and cherish my time with every patient and would like to emphasise the importance of mental well-being and mindfulness. I seek to actively engage my community to lead healthier lives and, in turn, reap the rewards of their efforts as they enjoy their milestones with more vibrance.

We wish you all the best in your endeavour! Before we end, are there any messages you have for your community that you would like to convey?

No matter what trials we are going through or how daunting daily life can seem, health should be our utmost priority, as, without good health, no victory in life will taste sweet. 

Dr Peng Tao is a General Practitioner at Healthway Medical (Yishun Ave 5)

He has extensive experience working in hospitals in various departments, including Accident and Emergency, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Orthopedics. He provides medical care for adults and children, including treatment of chronic and acute conditions.
Dr Tao has a special interest in Emergency Medicine and Gastroenterology.